Tell your own unique story

refalent is the fastest and easiest way to turn your experience into a personal story to connect with people.
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Bring your story to Life

Focus on the journey

You are so much more than the jobs you've had. It's about the experience you gained.

Capture Your Experiences

refalent helps you to build your story so that people get to see your true value.

Make You Shine

All the stories you can tell will build into a portfolio that shines online.
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Fill out the chapters
As you build up your portfolio, you can capture each chapter with your own tags. Then use those tags to give a targeted view of your profile.

Use your network

Build up trust in your portfolio by getting your colleagues, mentor, boss, customers to verify the details, even better, get them to create a refalent profile so that people can see their portfolios as well.
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Show it off

Don't just tell the story of what you did, show off. Add presentations, a client brief, a news article, a video interview and even blog posts to each chapter.

Ready to write your story?

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