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refalent is built for professionals that deliver outcomes. Most of our members come from project management, change, transformation, technology or innovation. If that’s you, we’d love for you to join.

When you join refalent, you will be given a 7 day free trial. No credit card details needed. Upon completion of that, you can select one of the subscription plans currently available. But no plan costs more than 50p a day.

We cannot guarantee that the information displayed is 100% accurate. In order for records to be created, a user must require third party verification of what they have written. refalent will send the information to the third party by email to be verified. This third party will be either a team member, a colleague, a senior stakeholder or customer that is confirming what has been written.

We have security measures that try to ensure that the information is verified by applicable individuals, but we cannot guarantee it. We are starting by trusting the people who are wanting to add value to their own portfolio.

A job is based on day to day tasks and responsibilities, regardless of what the actual work is. A project is a specific piece of work that requires an outcome. As refalent is built for professionals that deliver outcomes, this is much more suited.

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