How it works

Have a good look at your life
Look at your life. It’s a series of stories and chapters where you learned and gained experiences and knowledge.
Break each part into a story
Every story will have had lots of different chapters that you will have been involved in some way.
Add each story to refalent
Put each story into your refalent portfolio. Then add your role in it, what you achieved and what skills you used or gained.
Choose someone who can verify your efforts
If you want to add another layer of trust, request verification of each story in your refalent portfolio from someone you shared it with at the time. refalent will send the information over by email to have them verify it.
Send your portfolio out
Now it’s time to get sharing. Showcase your full story at your refalent URL. All stories can be shown whether you have requested verification or not.
What stories could you add to your portfolio?
Here are a few ideas


  • Project
  • Programme
  • Portfolio


  • Assignment
  • Campaign
  • Account


  • Review
  • Investigation
  • Case


  • Deployment
  • Mission
  • Operation


  • Course
  • Leadership
  • Conference


  • Investment
  • Deal
  • Board Advisor

Your refalent journey is ready to begin. Are you ready?

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